Wednesday, October 04, 2006

LazyGreed - Every Night's a Stag Night

According to the BBC , it's apparently now routine to round off a Lads' Night Out with a visit to a prostitute. Prefer a kebab myself, but I'm not really the kind of bloke they're talking about here.

This is a link to a well-argued statement from a Feminist blogger on this subject. There's a lot I agree with here but I reject her conclusion that it's all down to misogyny at root.

Myself, I think the same kind of lazy greed that causes weak people to do most bad things is at fault. To me, LazyGreed is one of the fundamental forces of nature, right up there with Gravitation and Apathy and it's more abundant than Hydrogen in the atmosphere just now.

LazyGreed is what drives businessmen to cut corners, politicians to abuse their power, parents to feed their kids junk food etc. etc.

To me, the Punters have desires and they have money and they have opportunity. They don't have the patience to delay gratification nor the will-power just to say "No". Their LazyGreed takes over and they want to slake their thirst in the tidiest, surest, ready-meal manner possible.

I find it impossible to imagine being so LazyGreedy that I would force my excess libido onto a girl who doesn't speak my language and bears the marks of ill-treatment from her current and past pimps. So maybe I'm the wrong person to be definitive about a Punter's psychology.

I would concede that misogyny comes into play after the act, when the punter is back with his mates. That's when the Punter is made to feel like Jack the Lad by his mates, rather being shunned and ridiculed for being a weak, inadequate, adulterous rapist.

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