Thursday, October 12, 2006

Syntax, semantics and verbage

Stan and I are both crossword buffs. Cryptic ones for the US readers. So you would expect us to know some fairly obscure words.

But I am suffering.

The BBC weather people keep using the term "squally". I have no idea what it means. It must be bad but what the bejesus does it mean?

Answers on a postcard or in a comment to radiofreestan.

I thank you.


Sammycolon said...

Oh my GOD you should bow your head in shame everybody knows this!!!

Especially if you have done any out door activities!!! sorry forgot your up norf! its to cold up there to go out!!

Anyway Squally is a derivation of Squall it is typically used to gusts of winds with some rain but I think it can also mean a commotion but not sure on that one!!!

Kenny said...

Oi Sammy -- that would be "too cold".

What a stupid word.