Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween - the really scary bit

3 million Americans will buy Halloween costumes for their pets this year at an average cost of $17.

Just when you're determined to post a frivolous story to counteract the serious stuff about Kianoosh Sanjari, the Guardian comes up with another shock that near made me spray my coffee and panini across Mrs Stan.

I'm not going to drift into anti-American auto-rant - we Brits are probably five years behind the same curve. But for heavens sakes, is there not something better we can do with Mother Earth's precious bounty than make it into edible rawhide Halloween cards ?

Maybe I'm having a sense-of-humour failure here. Surely people can spend their money how they want ? (typed with gritted teeth).

It's just that reading that fact in the paper this morning chilled my blood and made the hairs stand-up more than any Slasher movie. I have an image in mind of what good $60m a year could accomplish.

I'm definitely going to stick to the Sports pages, the Crossword and the TV guide in future when I'm having breakfast.

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