Sunday, October 29, 2006

Blogger in Trouble

A friend of mine has got himself into a bit of trouble. Kianoosh Sanjari was blogging the clashes between security forces and supporters of a Shi'a cleric when he got lifted and carted off.

He hasn't been charged with any violent crime - or indeed charged with anything. In a slightly less intense country, he'd probably be blogging novelty socks and daft TV programmes like me.

His most likely current location is in the notorious Section 209 of Evin Prison in Iran. I would normally describe a person as "languishing" in prison, but by all accounts this would be quite the wrong word to describe the Section 209 experience.

I've written to a few high-powered Iranian leaders asking after him. If anyone else can suggest anything to help this guy, I'd be very grateful.

Something less hopeless and depressing next time, I promise....

Sent the following to (Iranian President), (Iranian Ministery of Information), (Iranian Embassy in London), (Iranian Prime Minister)

Your Excellency,

I am writing to enquire about the famous Blogger, Kianoosh Sanjari, who was until recently reporting on events in your country.

There has been no word from him recently, and many of his friends are now worried.

I'm not looking for anything complicated, I just want to make sure he is in good health. I would also like to pass on a message that his friends would like to hear from him as soon as possible.

I would be very grateful if you could use your influence to make sure this message gets to him.

With Best Wishes,

Stan Gamla,

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