Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"Goldplated" - update

Well, "Goldplated" turned out to be something of a combination of "Dallas" and "Shameless", without the jokes. The only thing deep about the people being the sadness and emptiness within (apparently).

I suspect the programme makers have been listening to my i-pod : Suede, Goldfrapp, Flaming Lips ... good choices all.

Mrs Stan will be pleased that :

a) she has nothing to fear from any size 6 airhead bimbos.
b) It reminded me of the Bible - specifically the only bit that ever made any kind of sense to me. Ecclesiastes Chapter 2

It also reminded me of another Wilmslow story :

I was driving a friend of my little Stan-etta back to her house after a sleep-over. We drove up a fairly substantial drive and outside the very substantial farm house were a menagerie of cars haphazardly parked: a Merc, a 4x4, Volvo estate, little Mazda, slightly battered Ford Focus.

"Oh !" said Mrs. Stan "Have you got friends visiting ?"

No - she hadn't. We had just been introduced to the concept of a Five-Car-Family.


I was once walking past a church in Alderley Edge near Wilmslow and saw a sign outside that said "Make Poverty History".

I looked around at the Tudor facias, neatly trimmed hedges and gravel drives and thought : "By heck; they've done a good job of that round here"

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