Monday, October 09, 2006

Death in Moscow

Who do I talk to about the murder of Anna Politkovskaya ? Please do click on the link and read about her - one heck of a story.

It beggars belief that there's anything other than an obvious explanation for the murder, just like there was unlikely to be a benign reason for the dodgy in-flight tea that conveniently put her in a coma while she was on the way to cover the Beslan school siege.

'Russia's lost moral conscience' died at the weekend. Couldn't happen here ... right ?

Even though I saw the bleak Children of Men recently, I can't quite see it. I think our investigative reporters can and do publish a lot that hurts our government without risking a bullet in the brain. I can't think of anything that would jeopardise that state of affairs.

Although maybe I lack imagination. Rights and Freedoms seem to be having a hard time in the face of "Homeland Security", so maybe we're a few bad laws and couple of Terrorist outrages away from being just as much of a police state.


Kenny said...

As I said to you yesterday, you are like Eeyore without the enthusiasm.

We're nowhere near a police state. When the police start carrying guns on the beat, then we should start to worry. :)

Stan said...

Suggest you get down to Longsight in Manchester where beat policemen carry guns, or indeed check out any British airport. Then agree with me and apologise for your Bambiesque naiviety

Kenny said...

Will do. Haven't been to Longsight in years! But surely you can understand the airport police?

By the 'eck lad, your becoming more commie by the minute! ;)

Stan said...

Nottingham also has armed police I'm told. like I say, I don't think it's likely we're heading for a police state - just like to do my worrying well in advance.