Friday, October 27, 2006

Sock shock

In any rundown of the reasons for problems in the National Health Service, "clueless management" has got to be in anyone's Top 10.

If any proof be required, step forward Lynn Wissett, director of clinical care at the East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust.

Ms Wissett has chosen to devote a worrying percentage of her energies to banning Doctors, Nurses and Health Visitors in Blackburn and Burnley from wearing novelty socks. She is probably now spending most of her time doing interviews with amused and puzzled journalists worldwide, who want to know if she is for real.

I own a fair few novelty socks - presents from my Stan-etta and Mrs Stan. They cheer me up on bad days and don't affect my work performance as far as I'm aware.

If Ms Wissett were wearing novelty socks, my opinion of her would be unchanged. Personally I'd prefer a skilled NHS administrator in a clown suit to a clueless one in a trouser suit.

This tax-payer says focus on what is important and don't sweat the details.


Flitcraft said...

Novelty sock bans are the least of it. If you really want to scare yourself silly about NHS mismanagement, I recommend Dr Crippen. In particular, check out the posts in the side-bar under the heading 'dumbing down' about how people are being fobbed off with inadequately-trained nurse practitioners, instead of expensive properly-trained doctors. It's a huge scandal and yet it doesn't really seem to have hit home yet. It's also a very well-written fascinating blog. You might like it.

Kenny said...

When I trendily broke my metatarsal recently, I visited one of these new-fangled walk-in centers. Having had the Xray, it was a nurse, not a doctor who looked at the image. I was horrified. Thankfully I used to work in medical imaging so can examine an Xray as well as any doctor so insisted that I look at the thing as well...good job...I spotted something that the nurse didn't. A national disgrace rather than a service. If I were more Tory minded and slightly more affluent, I would be BUPA bound.

And novelty socks rock. Just lay off the necklaces with crosses.

Flitcraft said...

What you really need are novelty socks with crosses on them. That'll make the dress-code Nazis' heads explode.