Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Old Money, New Money and Silly Money - "Goldplated" on Channel 4

Highlight of the evening for me (apart from the call home to Mrs. Stan of course) is likely to be the first episode of "Goldplated" on Channel 4 tonight.

This sounds as though it will be a cheesy (Cheshire cheese ?) "Footballers' Wives"-style romp set in and around my home town of Wilmslow.

I love Wilmslow - it's just a shame that in order to afford to live there I need to spend so much time working away. It was either that or getting a part-time job playing midfield for Manchester United.

It is leafy, tidy and relaxing - with an atmosphere all of its own. The first time I brought my daughter there we went to a rather well-equipped swing-park with lots of polite children. Afterwards she said to me "Dad - why was everyone all dressed up?".

There are definitely people with more money than sense there. People who can justify a 5 carat diamond (£200k+) a Bentley (£100k+) and Krug champagne (£300) when life is more than bearable with something 10% of the price. Or even, let's face it, without any of these.

Apparently the mark of a successful man in Wilmslow is

(1) His watch (Cartier or Frank Mueller)
(2) His shoes (must be hand-made)
(3) His wallet (more than 3 cards indicates unsexy debt)

In my case :-

(1) Battered Accurist from Argos
(2) Marks & Spencers (previous set were George from Asda)
(3) Wallet (Blue Amex, Debit Card and a wad of expense receipts)

So I fail the test, but fortunately I and the people I associate with don't gauge my worth from my belongings.

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