Monday, August 04, 2008

Whatever would Gene Hunt say

I know it's a serious issue, but I couldn't help being amused (if slightly alarmed) by the article in The Times ("Police told to take deep breaths and eat healthily").

Alarmed mostly by the comment about that they should "step away from stressful situations". Personally I think that it's almost a definition of a Police Officer - someone who steps into stressful situations. The very best it seems to me almost relish the prospect - and I think eating fried food is a part of their culture that isn't going away soon. In fact it's good for them to spend time in kebab houses and chip shops - there is more violence there than in vegan sandwich shops and the opening hours are more convenient.

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Flitcraft said...

I dunno, there'd be violence in a vegan sandwich shop, if you happened across certain annoying vegans in one. Not to mention the terrible fights that break out as to whether honey is exploiting bees or not.