Thursday, August 21, 2008


On the morning of your birthday do not, I repeat do not, put your age into a search engine.

In return for the search term "aged-42" I found the following on Page 1 :-

Elvis Presley dies in hospital, aged 42

Tributes as solicitor aged 42 dies in Spain

"Saw" movie producer dies aged 42

Too Old to Emigrate ?? Aged 42.

Trying for a baby aged 42

I have a perimenopausal lady aged 42. She doesn't want to take HRT ...

"For women aged 42 years with epilepsy, is there any evidence that having an intrauterine device inserted increases the risk of epileptic seizure?"

Co-inventor of Alta Vista dies aged 42

In fact the only good news on the search is a link to Cindy Crawford looking good for her advanced age of 42 on a yacht with George Clooney

The message is very much that 42 is an age for dying, being too old to do stuff and your body disintegrating. It's not really a message you want to hear.

Today I plan to take my aged body out for a curry with The Girls. Hopefully I will not be too enfeebled and befuddled to snap my own poppadums.

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Kenny said...

Happy Birthday mate. May you bitch about what a search for 84 says and mumble about how they didn't know they were born at 42.