Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympus Moans

As per usual, I'm in total agreement with that fine American publication, The Onion.

Specifically, the article "Nation to leave Olympics on in the Background" sums up my personal mood of apathy towards the whole $40 billion boondoggle. Do I care about rowing ? No. Does anything exciting happen in swimming, apart from one winning and seven losing ? No. Is there any difference between Archery and Lawn Darts? No. Do I want to spend all day watching toned young boys in speedos jumping into the water together? Strangely, I don't. Personally my favourite event of the Olympics so far was the torch relay through London, and no medals were presented for that. The Beach Volleyball can't come soon enough I say.

$40 billion is a whole load of money. I mean, China's health budget is only about $10 billion. London 2012 is going to look pretty weedy and low-budget by comparison. And I'm paying for that. It looks increasingly like the cost will be something of the order of £10 billion, and a chunk of that is my tax money. I'm also losing out on £10 billion worth of stuff the government won't be able to do because they're building a sports pitch for London. All for something that will look like an inferior copy of the Beijing event.

And just like the Onion suggests, all that money will be spent, and the World will be almost but not quite watching.

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