Friday, August 22, 2008


Another official letter arrived with the postmark of the small (but picturesque) county town of my small (but picturesque) county. The process of turning me into a Magistrate is proceeding and I am to report for I-know-not-what in the way of training over three days in November.

You might think that three days sounds like not very much to turn an IT Consultant into a Beak. I guess I'll know whether it's enough in December. In fact, I'll probably not know for sure until January when I actually start helping to dispense justice.

One criticism I'd have of the process is that it's been far from clear what the timetable of events was going to be. For those who apply in future years - this is the way it has worked out for me:-
  • Closing date - end November
  • February - 1st Interview
  • April - 2nd Interview
  • June - Pencilled-in
  • November - Trainin'
  • December - Swearing-in
  • January - Thrown in (at the deep end)
Meanwhile, I'm trying to remedy my total ignorance of webservers that was exposed in Oslo by building my own (Linux/Apache/Tomcat) on a broken-screened laptop.

42, and still looking to learn - that has to be a good thing.

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Her Maggis said...

Hope this helps. You have spent, from previous blog, 42 years preparing (training)to be a fit person to sit in judgement on your peers. The three days is more about processes, structure and consistency. You will have lots of help in the early days, including a mentor. Your critisism would be more valid if the selection process was more hurried, but - as you know - it isn't. Good luck.