Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Camus Soul Top

It's not every day that I meet someone who's a bigger nerd than I am. Today I nearly did.

I was running laps at the gym and on the track in front of me was a man in his fifties with a football goalkeeper's green shirt, sporting the number "1" on his back and the name "Camus".

Just in case you're not as big a nerd as I am, this is a reference to the French writer and philosopher Albert Camus who also happened to play in goal for the best team in Algeria in the 1930s.

My first instinct was to laugh knowingly, but my second was to body-slam him into the wall and ask him (in the light of Camus' book "The Stranger") whether I could be legally or consciously guilty if I had no conscious intent. Then I was going to run off, explaining that (as Camus indicated in "The Fall") that everyone is guilty and nobody has the moral right to pass judgement on someone.

You'll be glad to hear that I did resist the temptation and ran on in silence.

Actually, I preferred the t-shirt I saw the other week :"My other body is a temple".

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Anonymous said...

Stan, You need to check out philosophyfootball.com You obviously didn't overtake your aquaintance, or you would have commented on the quote on the front of the shirt. There are some quite good ones, but I don't know if i'd wear one- especially at the price. Always enjoy your commentary. An interesting spin on life, 'back home'