Saturday, December 02, 2006

15 tons of ice from Grimsby

As Kenny so rightly hinted - I'm pretty busy at the moment. I'm trying to do my usual job using unfamiliar technology. Similar to an English stand-up comedian deciding to do his routines in French for a while. Oo la la. Lots of reading and looking like a twit until I get the hang of it. Apologies to all affected.

I saw this scary sign of climate change - and wondered whether the phrase "15 tons of ice from Grimsby" came from an early Radiohead song.

P.S - Radio Stan has now been visited over 1,000 times. Sounds impressive, but 500 of them were me posting stuff and the other 500 were me checking whether anyone was reading it.

1 comment:

Kenny said...

I think one of those hits was me. But it I was just here to check my spelling.