Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Divine Visit

Well, to paraphrase a good friend's verbage, I arrived at the paper clip factory this morning, bright and breezy and obtained a PC to use, moved it etc. I fired up all my usual internet windows (multiple IE windows as this PC is tied down for non-power users, read muppets, so I could not use Firefox). I had just finished this mammoth task when three unknown persons approached the desk where M and I were organizing ourselves for a meeting later this morning.

"We have this area reserved for us. We are [insert awesome pause here] auditors."

I, of course, gasped in a rarefied fit of revery. I dropped to my knees, unplugged everything and moved it away, leaving all the power strips, hubs and network cables for our Godly guests.

We did a bit of rejigging which involved fumbling around under desks and we are now operational again. I am compelled to drop to my knees (on my bare knees I might add -- I managed to rip my jeans in the hurry to vacate the Holy desks of A) and worship in that direction at least five times a day. In fact, if they so wish, they can sacrifice my wife to the God of Governance.

I have counted the paper clips for them. I have two that I carry around in my computer bag. Oh, and a couple of power cables...job done. They can float home now on whatever cloud they arrived on, presumably evicting low-lifes as they go.


Stan said...

My first job was as an internal auditor for a now-defunct conglomerate company. I hated being in everyone's faces at exactly the time they were working the hardest i.e year-end.

I found it stressful at the time, but it was a wonderful lesson that you sometimes you can't do your job and be liked.

Shame on you Kenny ! These people may sort themselves out and end up like me. Buy the poor beggars a brew.

sammycolon said...

No they don't deserve anything but the Tyburn jig!

This also goes for :-

Estate Agents
Tax Offices
Civil Servants
Telephone Sanitizers
Advertising and Marketing Executives….

This is by no means a complete list and I think they may be the first to the wall when the revolution comes..

Kenny said...

Watch it GSP. You forget, I have been in marketing.