Thursday, November 30, 2006

Interesting factoid

Stan is currently holed up under a pile of work. So piled up that he hasn't even been buying the Grauniad for crosswordly goodness. He has had to settle for my pleas for assistance via text message. So I feel duty bound to educate the masses (I use the term freely) of loyal readers that he has.

As I sat doing the Torygraph crossword with my Leeds crossword posse (membership: me and F), F informed me of the reason the British National Party and the National Front parted ways. I thought I would share this little gem with y'all as it's way too serious for my site.

Apparently, the problem stems from the IRA of all things. The National Front supported the IRA on the grounds that they were a nationalist organization. What became the BNP did not support the IRA on the grounds that they were anti-British. So a conflict of ideals or a philosophical difference, if you will, separated the two factions. The National Front became a more cerebral and intellectual organization (albeit fascist madmen) and as a consequence, the thug element was alienated and departed for pastures new. The BNP continue to plod along with their miserable ideals.

I bet Stan knew that. I didn't, but I have the excuse that when all this happened I was living in the Good Old US of A and so was comfortably shielded by the US media's security blanket that ensures no furrin' news is ever aired on a US channel.

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Stan said...

Was news to me. Guess a party built on hatred shouldn't be surprised when it gets distroyed by hatred.