Sunday, December 31, 2006

So long 2006

M'colleague doesn't sound to have enjoyed 2006 so much. I've had a ball.

I've had 4 jobs during the year, which is pretty unusual for a quadragenarian I'm sure. Oh yes and I turned 40 and moved house. Quite a lot of high-stress activities and the only damage seems to have been to my waistline. I even gave up biting my nails.

I started this blog to fill the dead time between the end of the Channel4 News and the unconsciousness on work-days away from home. Can't believe it's still going. Even if the readership has averaged just over 1.0 it's been worthwhile. Cheers to my world-weary ex-co-worker for keeping the posts rolling along.

Maybe I'll bore you (and make God laugh) with my hopes for 2007 later, but meanwhile I need to go cook chicken.

1 comment:

Kenny said...

Keep it going mate. Your sanity doles out a juxtapose sanity!

Have a good 'un. And we must meet up to crucify the big 4 early in next year.