Friday, December 22, 2006

Absolutists United

The Polish Parliament would like to crown Jesus as the next King of Poland. A wonderful story that saves me commenting on Organised Religion and Monarchy in two separate posts.

I'm imagining the reactions of a few people :-

(a) A Polish businessman trying to sell the idea of Poland as a modern, approachable place to do business.

"Kurwa!! They're making us look like a bunch of extremists stuck in the 16th century !!"

(b) An Iranian politician

"Aiiiieeee !!! Why didn't we think of this first. Quick - let's make Mohammed (may his name be blessed) the Sheik of Iran !"

(c) A Jew in Warsaw

"Oy Vay ! Here we go again"

If I were a Christian (which I am not) I would probably take offense to Jesus being demoted from his position as Saviour of the World to being merely King of Poland.

If I were a Monarchist (which I am not) I would prefer a living, breathing human King/Queen who could veto Laws, greet foreign visitors and open bridges.

As a Republican and an Atheist I'm looking forward to seeing how this whole mess comes out.

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