Monday, December 18, 2006

Stan's Army

Is there anything our government is any good at ?

Yesterday I described their inability to handle education. In the past I've described their inability to protect our armed forces. Here we go again ...

An Army Board of Inquiry into his death found that the pistol he tried to shoot the Iraqi with failed and he was shot by a comrade in a tank who was trying to protect him but did not know his high-powered machine gun was inaccurate at short range.

This is incompetence worthy of Frank Spencer. And then for want of £167 of body armour, this man died.

Here's what would happen in my army (should anyone give me one for Christmas perhaps):-

(1) Stan's army is never deployed unless we outnumber the opposition 10 to 1.

(2) All front-line troops get all the kit they want. If Stan can't afford it, Stan's army stays home.

(3) Stan's army is only ever deployed for a week at a time. Every deployment is reviewed every week. If there's insufficient gratitude for the work done by Stan's army, then Stan's army come home.

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Kenny said...

Taxes mate. They are fantastic at taxing.