Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wisdom is painful

I've got problems with a Wisdom Tooth which seems to have grown through my jaw sideways before heading towards the soles of my feet.

It seems bizarre that over 20 years after puberty, my body still has some surprises in store.

The pain can be softened by eating state-of-the-art over-the-counter pharmaceuticals like sweeties, by swilling whisky and by reading articles like this .

It seems the government doesn't want to pay for education which is useful to a person if it isn't directly useful to the State. I find it hard to think of any better use of State money than using it to educate its citizens in something they want to learn.

Knowledge is good, adults learning is good. The State has no imagination if it thinks that there is no advantage to people spending evenings learning together rather than drinking alone.

As to the subject matter, a country of multi-lingual, computer-literate people who know their way round a car engine sounds pretty good to me.

"Education is the transmission of civilization." Now I dare you to tell me that that isn't the job of government.

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Kenny said...

As a start, they might want to try teaching spelling and grammar to our Southern friends. ;)