Friday, December 08, 2006

How to annoy a Kenny, lesson #1

Welcome to the first in the series of how to annoy Kenny. These gems will allow RFS readers (as opposed to RSS readers [groan - Ed]) to be forewarned when in the company of a Kenny. Kenny, used in this context is a generic Kenny and should in no way, shape or form be construed as being based on any real Kenny, past, present or future.

Kennys are not fond of open-plan offices where people are working on individual pieces of work. Kennys, however, are fond of them in a team environment -- for example, in support centers someone may overhear a problem and know the answer instantly rather than their colleague spending hours re-inventing the polygon.

So Kennys hate open-plan for serious work. What annoys a Kenny is someone else's phone calls at the next desk, their visitors from across the acreage of other desks, their cell phone ringtone, their extra loud headphones that they use to drown out the noise. Etc. You get the picture.

But there is one thing that makes a Kenny want to go postal in such an environment. That thing is more annoying than a tap dripping on your forehead every ten seconds for the rest of eternity. It is those people who work in such an environment yet have meetings at their desks but whisper so no-one knows what they are talking about. It must be very important, but Kennys are paranoid creatures. Kennys would prefer such subterfuge be conducted in a sealed, soundproofed room up in Senior PaperClipVille.

If in the vicinity of a Kenny, either remain silent or speak at a normal volume. Do not mutter, whisper or otherwise obfuscate your speech. RFS will not be liable for any failure to comply with the advice given above.

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