Saturday, February 17, 2007

Wait til Your Father Gets Home

I can't work out exactly what David Cameron would like me to do. Does he want me to stop Stanetta from joining an armed drugs gang ? To be perfectly honest, I already considered this to be part of my job even before his recent intervention.

I think he's just saying "families are good; we support the family; our opponents don't; vote for us", but unfortunately I don't speak Conservative.

Could someone translate for me please - I wouldn't like to think I was failing as a Dad.

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Kenny said...

I had a whinge about the band-wagon populist bloody-obvious policies that Cameron seems to be advocating the other day. Does he honestly think that we'll see a bloody great light bulb and think "must vote conservative"?

If he started talking taxes and a streamlined government, I might turn my head in his direction.