Sunday, February 04, 2007

BBC - your Windows on the World

Seems the BBC and Microsoft are engaging in an extended smooch.

I'm scratching my head as to why - I know the BBC are using Microsoft technology to protect their Digital Rights on the BBC on-demand service. But that's no good reason to give free, uncritical coverage to the latest piece of bloat-ware from Seattle.

Reminds me of the column in "Private Eye" devoted to shameless plugs for Murdoch TV in Murdoch newspapers and vice versa.

There was a piece on News Watch on BBC24 which tried to address the issue, but really it just gave me some more ammunition for my cause.

What's the story ? I'm guessing I won't find the answers on the BBC.


Flitcraft said...

Nobody knows why yet, but this sort of thing all started to happen after Mark Thompson got in - prior to that Greg Dyke was all in favour of things like opening up the BBC archive for download and not a whisper of Bill Gates getting his way with things. Perhaps Microsoft should send a big thank-you card to Lord Hutton.

Kenny said...

Dunno Stan -- "Click" on News 24 were a bit scathing about Vista. That said it did occupy half the program and no publicity is bad publicity.

Stan said...

THis is more like it

Flitcraft said...

This isn't!