Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Truth is Out There - But This Isn't It

I downloaded the 9/11 conspiracy web-flick Loose Change. It's an odd theory, that the US government planned the 9/11 disaster for the benefit of family and friends, and to give a pretext for America to go on to screw up a bunch of Muslim countries beyond recognition.

Like they needed to go to those kind of lengths for that.

You can find a fair summary of the plot on Wikipedia, so I won't waste my keyboard repeating it.

The thing is - you believe the people involved might actually think it a cool idea, but you doubt that they would actually be capable of managing a conspiracy of this size.

My favourite debunking of the Moon-Landing hoax is that Russians would have been tracking the lunar module extremely carefully, and it certainly wouldn't have been in their interest to keep quiet if NASA were pulling a fast one.

This line of questioning I think explodes the Loose Change hypothesis also. All those possible ways the truth could have got out - all those governments with no reason to help America hush up mass-murder.

The film is a nasty, amateurish, pseudo-scientific piece of opportunistic garbage. I'm slightly ashamed at wasting bandwidth downloading it - please don't make the same mistake.


Kenny said...

Da Missus pointed this out to me quite a while ago and I point-blank refused to watch it. I sat through Farenheit 911 with her and decided that it was moonbat-ism of the highest order -- apparently this is worse. I cannot imagine how anything could be worse.

The US government can't manage a war that they instigated yet alone orchestrate an attack on their own counry without being utterly incompetent.


Stan said...

I thought Farenheit 911 was spot-on personally. Michael Moore's thesis was that "Leaders are greedy, corrupt and incompetent". Plenty of evidence to support that ...

You don't need to believe they are clever and evil and masters of Special Effects as per "Loose Change".

Kenny said...

It may have been more convincing had it not been done in the style of a Saturday Night Live sketch. The laconic and judgemental drawl turned me off within five minutes. And let's face it, 911 was full of really cheap shots that, had they been left out, might have made it have a little more impact.

Kenny said...

Oh, just dawned on me what I meant to say -- "power corrupts" and all that jazz existed way before his Lardiness decided to carry the torch.

Sorry Stan, can't stand the man.