Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Rule Britanniavision

I take it all back. Every negative thing I've ever said about the BBC. I was wrong and misguided to an extent that may prove to be evidence of madness.

The first episode of series 2 of "Life on Mars" was the best thing I've seen since ... er, the first episode of series 1 of "Life in Mars".

Plot : mad, full of ideas and genuinely surprising
Acting : two awesome lead performances
Dialogue : sharp and satisfying

Not only that - but when it was over and myself and Mrs Stan were about to emerge from the world of imagination, there was an announcement.

'The next episode of "Life on Mars" will follow in a few minutes on BBC4'

And so we switched to BBC Digital and dived back down into Sam Tyler's confusing world for another hour.

And episode 2 was even better.

You just know the American version will have a laugh-track, at least one of the actors from "Friends" and will be utter carp.

But for now "Life in Mars" is a genuine televisual work of art and the BBC can do no wrong in the Stan household.

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Kenny said...

Damn Stan. I did exactly the same thing. And it was brilliant.