Sunday, February 11, 2007


I'm going to reproduce the same post that I have just done chez-moi, on the basis that I have not howled as much in forever...

There's a show on one of the BBC channels called Mock the Week and I saw one of the funniest gags ever last night. It will probably not translate to print, but here you go. The subject was terrorism. Some stand-up guy I have never heard of stepped up:

"Terrorism? Tony Blair says we should be worried about Osama Bin Laden having WMDs. Listen, I've seen the pictures. The guy has a donkey and a rifle....when I see an ICBM strapped to the back of the donkey, then I'll be worried."

Priceless. Stan will like that one.


Stan said...

It was Frankie Boyle - Scots guy with glasses - and "Mock The Week" is the best comedy series since ... er... can't actually think of the last good one.

Kenny said...

Not the Nine O'clock News. Still a classic.