Friday, February 16, 2007

Kenny in shock agreement with Stan


Strange; Stan and I share moral values but we kind of reach a fork in the road when it comes to politics. Stan's kind of center left while I'm kind of center right. I am by no means the raging capitalist, war-mongering scumbag that I have been accused of being (not by Stan, I hasten to add).

Stan is spot-on on this one. It is by far the fairest and most CO2 friendly way forward.

Car tax is an obvious example of a ridiculous concept. If your car is over 26 years (or whatever it is) old, you pay none, even though your motor is almost certainly kicking out more CO2 than your average rabbit. If you are on a pension and use your car once a week to visit the grandkids who live two miles up the road, you need to damn well pay it. If you're Mr Supersales from Megacorp who does 50,000 miles a year, and flies half way around the world on a Jumbo jet every four weeks, you're paying the same as the pensioner. Utterly balmstick moonbat.

There was a time when company cars were quite rightly taxed to hell and back, with a few incidental taxes en-route. Now, companies and employees have cottoned on and there is the "car allowance". No extra taxes, just extra insurance for the employee.

Our financial models when it comes to transportation need urgently reviewing. I regard this tracking (insert snort here -- subterfuge) technology to be a good opening debate on how we make things fair and environmentally friendly. It may not be right but it fuels debate.

Next, we need to look at the rail system and question whether privatization was the best thing to do.

And once we have solved that, then let's look at planes.

And after that, cows. Can we not buy them some Gaviscon?

Kenny out.

Update: I'm liking this Gaviscon idea. Extra calcium in milk, better meat, stronger bones. It's an absolute winner. Can I claim my Nobel prize now?

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