Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Totally Wired

I am trailing woefully behind everyone else but I have finally found HBO's series "The Wire" (thanks to a rented Box Set of Series 3) and I am now as hooked as any junkie in the Baltimore projects.

Such a wonderful way to tell a story - watching the cops, then watching the gangstas, then watching the politicians, then watching the junkies. A totally immersive experience - none of the characters seems ever to be having a good day but by means of consolation they do all seem to be getting copious amounts of sex, drink and drugs. Think "Hill Street Blues" meets "The Sopranos" meets "Grand Theft Auto".

Like in "Deadwood" the goodies are not totally good and the baddies not totally bad. Except that is for the guy that's running for mayor - some brother should put a cap in that mo/fo's ass.... See : that's how immersive it is - an hour after you switch it off and you're still thinking like a foul-mouthed ice-cold killa.

Also taking up my TV time these days are :-

* "Damages" the excellent legal drama with the awesome Glenn Close
* "Torchwood" the Dr. Who spin-off. Totally atrocious acting but excellent plots and dialogue make it a totally worthwhile investment of your time.

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