Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love in a Cold Shed

How did you spend the early hours of Valentine's Day ?

The Stan Clan went indoor snowboarding at a place near The Trafford Centre. Some would wonder why we would pay good money to stand on a plank in a big cold shed, but we enjoyed it.

I had to bow out before the end of the taster lesson because my foot arches caught fire after ten minutes. Well, that's what it felt like. Shame - because I was getting there. A long way from looking cool obviously. It's a sport you really should take up a long time before your fortieth birthday.

Still, we saved the price of a ski-ing holiday and I'd never have lasted a whole week with my arches on fire, no matter how much I self-medicated with Gl├╝hwein.

Valentine's Day is under a lot of pressure at the moment :-

(a) WKLC-FM in West Virginia is today giving away a free divorce to the most deserving couple.

(b)The Saudi religious police are cracking down on any symbols encouraging "mingling" between unmarried people. St. Valentine's Day is considered a "pagan Christian holiday" [sic] through a fatwa (religious edict) issued seven years ago by its grand mufti, Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh.

(c) Ditto hard-core Hindus in India.

(d) Political Correctness states that some people get more cards than others and it's all a bit hetero-sexist isn't it? There are reports of it being replaced with "Friendship Day"

(e) Computer Virus Armageddon

Seem harmless enough to me. If there's love in your life it's important to express it. Although I'm sure there are better ways than with triple-priced roses, a tacky card and a disappoining meal at the only restaurant in town with a spare table.

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