Monday, February 25, 2008

Invasion of Stanistan

I've just been out for lunch with the parental units. It involved invading Stanistan (okay, the next town away, Knutsford). The restaurant is extremely good but a little (cough, under-exaggeration) on the expensive side. It's part of a chain of restaurants called Loch Fyne which specialise in fish of all descriptions (but not Sashimi -- mumble, bugger etc.). Six oysters, a bream filet with seared scallops, a crème broulé and several Americanos later, I stumbled back to the car stuffed to the gills (no pun intended).

From 'oop 'norf, take the M6 South. Exit at junction 19 and take a right at the roundabout at the top of the slip-road. About half a mile down, turn left towards Knutsford center. Pass the green on your left and at the roundabout, take a right. Take the first left that you can and park in the carpark on your right. From the parking lot, turn right on the main street and walk up about 50 yards. It's on your left.

Mrs Stan, Stan informs me that he has never been to said establishment. I suggest that you harangue him into a trip there as soon as his hectic social calendar (sic) permits. Hint: on March 13th, they are having an anniversary special where one of the starter options is Sashimi; if their Sashimi is selected as well as their cooked fish are, it should be something to behold.

Nota Bene: Stan, apparently there was one of these on Verulam St in St Albans -- how did we miss it?


ArcticFox said...

There's one in Leeds too.... right outside the train station in fact..... my good lady took me there for a birthday treat!!

Apart from them bringing the main course while we were still eating starters, it wasn't a bad meal.


Kenny said...

I used to live on New Station St. How did I miss it?