Sunday, February 10, 2008

G7 Unplugged

As a service to my readers, I have translated some of the language used in previous speeches to the G7.

UPDATE : No I haven't got it wrong - the meeting that is occuring at the moment in Tokyo is of the FINANCE MINISTERS of the G7 countries (the United States, Japan, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Canada). Russia is not involved in this one - but they are a part of the more important G8 meetings when the Finance Ministers' bosses get together.

10 Geek points to anyone who can name the Russian Finance Minister without looking it up (answer at the bottom)

(1) "Serious downside impact" - Sell ! Sell !

(2) "A heightened risk of very bad outcomes" - certain death

(3) "Tangible need of stabilisation" - as steady as Oliver Reed on a skateboard on New Year's Eve

(4) "Remarkable slowdown indicators" - diamante traffic lights

(5) "Deepening jitters on fundamentals" - brown trousers time

(6) "An incoming stressful period" - economic tsunami on a Biblical scale

(7) "A need to strengthen the economy's demand components" - Tax Cuts ! Get your lovely Tax Cuts !

(8) "Incoming data confirmation that the risks surrounding the outlook for economic activity lie on the downside" - form an orderly queue to throw yourself off a ledge - we're all going broke.

* The Russian Finance Minister is Aleksey Leonidovich KUDRIN - Thanks to the CIA for the information.

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