Thursday, February 07, 2008

Do not commit adulthood.- A Jedi approach to the Law

There are two kinds of law in the UK. Civil law relates to disputes between individuals (Contracts & Obligations) and Criminal law relates to disputes between The State and an Individual.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has said today that it "seems unavoidable" that parts of Islamic Sharia law will be adopted in the UK.

Oh please tell me that he means "only for Civil cases and only on a purely voluntary basis".

Personally, if two Muslims want their Imam to settle a business dispute between themselves then I'm all for it. If they wanted to settle it by playing Scissors-Paper-Stone this would be equally fine - as long as it was a voluntary agreement on both sides and related only to Civil issues.

Although my gut-instinct is to keep a Kryptonite wall between Religion and the Law. And that applies to all Religions - Christian, Jewish or Jedi alike. Especially not the Jedi - you could never trust them not to use the Dark Side.

Here are some examples of the kind of laws we might have were the Jedis to take over.

Update : On reflection, I have decided that this whole thing is a Beardy conspiracy. This Bearded archbishop wants his equally Beardy Muslim friends to help him take control. Far fetched ? Well you give me a logical reason why this man would say these things and I'll take it back.

"One Law For All" is a comforting idea, not a "barrier to social cohesion". I want this man's buns on a plate. I'm sure my tax money is paying for him to some degree, so I should get a say. Ideally I'd also want to ensure that his successor and the leaders of the other religious sects are removed from the House of Lords in case they ever have a mind to inflict their beliefs on the British legal system.

Vote Stan.

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