Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tesla Stan

I went for an MRI scan on Friday. I had to put on an unflattering backless gown, and sat on a baggage belt that trundled a few inches and stopped, leaving me stuck in the belly of a machine.

I am slightly claustrophobic, so had to do some eye closing and deep breathing. A fair bit of sweating too. Then when the machine started making loud repetitive sounds. I figured this must be exactly what a Daft Punk gig must be like.

I was pretty disappointed by how little of the machine you can see - it took me a while even to spot that it was open at the head-side as well as the leg-side. Now I've got a two week wait for the scan to get to my GP so we can work out which bit of my spine has exploded.

To anyone who's at all worried by the idea - I really wouldn't be. If your claustrophobia is severe, they can sedate you. Otherwise you get a reassuring panic button.

There were no ill effects afterwards - fridge magnets did NOT stick to me, and I probably get more electromagnetic radiation from my home wi-fi and the IT data centres I visit.

Although, I suspect the bout of flatulence I experienced after eating chilli chicken that night was down to the effect of the magnetic field. Anyone else similarly affected, let me know and we'll sue.

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