Tuesday, August 21, 2007


From the department of dumb ideas that will probably do very well, comes the idea of Flexpetz.

The idea is that should you need canine company, you can pick up a hound of your choice complete with food, drinking bowls and a leash. Keep the mutt, throw some frisbees, run on the beach and then hand it back.

The market they are aiming at is people who have :-

(a) restrictive pet ownership rules where they live

(b) regular business travel involving days away from home

(c) a busy family schedule
Personally I would tell such people :-

(a) You chose the lifestyle - live with it

(b) You chose the lifestyle - live with it


(c) You chose the lifestyle - live with it
The cliche is "having your cake and eating it".

I'm probably the wrong person to comment, as I am allergic to pet hair and find the idea of keeping animals as pets about as sane as the idea of keeping people as pets.

That said, the idea isn't damaging anyone and I doubt it's anything but good news for the dogs in the pet library. It does seem to say something about the priorities we have.

If you need me, I'll be picking up a Staffordshire Bull Terrier for the day so I can scare the heck out of next-door's cats.

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