Friday, August 24, 2007

My First Cryptic Crossword

I'm laid up with a horrible wet cold/flu thingy so I have been desperately looking around for some amusement. Today's Guardian crossword was a push-over, no fun at all, although it did inspire me to write one of my own.

Do let me know what you think - it was fun being the setter of traps for once.

6 What a lady in uniform could do to a man in bed to entertain (5)
7 Where you find traditional manners. Not at all the place that Dvorak wrote about ? (3 5)
10 Metal rotter refusing to speak when I intervene (7)
11 Amount charged by record company in the Middle East ? (7)
12 Mount caused severe strain. Well, partially. (7)
13 Rank 1 out of 14 on the Via Doloroso (7)
14 Nation's diet in a mess - the end of the road ? (11)
19 Sounds like judge has given suspended sentence to a horse (7)
21 Information hidden between ancient city and county borders requiring speedy action (7)
23 Porn star loses time round leather pouch (7)
25 Tested only half the fielders checked fit (5 2)
26 A nobody. Cleaned out. We take her in. No preference as to 14. (8)
27 Northern chav dropped around for girl (5)

1 Fan of Garcia is a dullard (8)
2 Dress beside the car ? (6)
3 Arrangement of information suggests how you can use raffia (10)
4 Advantage found on skates and in a Cockney's garden (4)
5 White chalk alight has basic properties (6)
6 Slip made by a conductor or a traffic warden (6)
8 Japanese folds backwards statement to the effect that they are something that can swapped for cash at a post office (7)
9 Lady begins jumping each night near York (5)
13 Oscars disturb taut testes (10)
15 Raw pros get the bird (7)
16 Juvenile creates an untold mess (8)
17 Trash Sam's back to a certain extent. A well-executed hit. (5)
18 An Olympic venue where Sally, Dawn and Emmy get the stuffing knocked out. (6)
20 Rangers invest borrowed money in Kent (6)
22 Old opposition wins first title (6)
24 Drop the foreign holiday ? (4)


DrummerDave said...

Nice one Stan.. glad to see you're keeping the old gray matter stimulated.

Particularly enjoyed 8 down, 19 across and of course 4 down.

Get well soon... (but not too soon)


Kenny said...

Struggling mate! Just spent 20 minutes and got two clues, but I will persevere given the bloody newsagent only buys two copies of the Telegraph and I must have been beaten to both (not many Telegraph readers in Wigan but we battle it out for who gets them).

ArcticFox said...

I am afraid if it goes beyond this:

Then it's too much for my noggin....