Monday, August 13, 2007

Get Out of the Way if you can't Lend a Hand

Still can't get over the Catholic Church's policy in Darfur. As reported previously their bone-headedness has inspired me to join Amnesty and help fund their work. I do hope I'm not the only one to be so inspired.

Maybe I should kick up a fuss that some of the groups helping raped, battered children in Darfur are not carbon-neutral ?! Or not equal-opportunity employers ?

Sometimes you just need to get the job done.

And anyway, the Catholic Church has actually through history been unafraid to work with people who do not share their ideals to get the job done.

For example: Hitler, Mussolini and Napoleon.

They were also particularly "versatile" in Yugoslavia.

I wish they could harness that kind of can-do attitude to help (or at least fail to undermine) the work done by Amnesty in Darfur.

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