Thursday, January 25, 2007

You can't be prejudiced against gay people ...

... unless you're Muslim, Catholic or, to a lesser extent, Anglican. .

In fact I have slightly more respect for the extreme viewpoint than for the Church of England. Catholics fervently believe homosexuals are sinners - Anglicans say that they have "fallen short of the glory of God".

Both of them are reading Romans 3:23, just that the Anglicans have spin-doctored the three-letter "S" word out.

The prejudice is the same - just that Anglicans are a sight sneakier about it.

Meanwhile, we live in a democracy ... I get to grit teeth over some of our government's policies. I get to vote them out if they really hack me off, but I don't get a veto.

The Imams, Cardinals and Weasel-Word Archbishops don't get a veto either.

Someone should tell them.


Kenny said...

I had a conversation about this last night in the local boozer. I was very surprised at the strength of feeling. In a safe labour seat, with working class people, I would have expected some kind of tolerance. But no. The anti-gay pathos was palpable.

'Nowt as queer as folk (no pun intended).

Flitcraft said...

And it came to pass that Caesar Augustus made things like fair employment and anti-discrimination acts, decreeing equal opportunities for his Catholic servants everywhere and there was much rejoicing. Except in the land of the Paisleyites and the Orangelodgeites where there was a wailing and a gnashing of teeth, as they exclaimed at this rude assault upon their tender consciences, for was it not written in the Bible that God hated Papes?

But Caesar signed the act into law and harkened not to their pleas.

'Ha ha!' said the Catholic servants 'Taketh up thy 'No Popery' banner and spin on it! Losers!'

But lo, Caesar's new 'Thou shalt not maltreat thy brother on the grounds of religion' act had hardly been on the papyrus for very long, when he caught his Catholic servants in the act of striking the non heterosexually-inclined servants from the child-care rota, and his Archbishops, all in their frocks, egging them on not to render that which was equal opportunities unto Caesar.

And he said unto them 'What is all this? Did I not order that all religious discrimination should cease in my land?'

And they said 'Lord, Lord, the Bible says they're an abomination! We must be allowed to discriminate against them! It's our tender consciences - God hates pooves!"

And Caesar said unto them 'Take up your 'No Poovery' banner and spin on it, you hypocritical tossers!'

And they said "Help! Help! we're being oppressed! If you don't watch it, we're going on the Today programme!"
And Caesar did smite the Catholic servants with the rolled-up papyrus, saying 'Don't you of all people get what this equality stuff is about?'

And being all equal opportunities, he did smite the Archbishops too and did rend utterly their new child-care rota into a paper doily.

And he was heard to go away muttering something about having that Richard Dawkins in the back of his chariot once, 'wanted to feed them all to the bloody lions... How bloody right he was...'

Here endeth the lesson.

Kenny said...

Flit -- you need a blog.

Utterly brilliant.

Stan said...

Amen! - enjoyed that a lot, Flit. Is it about time for my regularly bout of begging and pleading for you to post something on here ?!