Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pawn to King 4

I cannot help but brag over here as well. I played my mate Yoz at chess last night. Previously, I have won one game in countless. The man is a lean mean chess playing machine. He had just finished beating someone who is ranked in the 2000s, which qualifies them as a grandmaster. If I were in the top 3000, I would have a badge that read "worship me, for I am a grandmaster."

Anyway, I beat him. He had to resign; there was no other option.

Pawn to King 4 is an opening I have long hated. It's so dull. The Knights come out and then it's a battle for middle territory.

The way that I got my just deserts last night was to open on the flanks. Pawn to King's Knight 3 and pawn to Queen's Knight 3. Verticals do not do it for me in chess -- you need Knights and Bishops. You get those Bishops in tandem, with Knight support and you have half the board covered in about 5 moves.

You may all praise me in comments for my grandmaster flash (prizes for the reference).

PS -- I used to be married to the ex-girlfriend of Nigel Short. I never met him, and my ex was utterly crap at chess, but I do now want to meet him. I know -- too arrogant! ;)

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