Monday, January 22, 2007


Stan and I are going through a lean patch at the moment (work-wise). Stan's appears to be less lean than mine. We're in the middle of some big merger gubbins and I think it is fair to say that there's a certain amount of apathy surrounding the whole dealy-bop. The vast majority of the people who care to express an opinion on the whole shebang are so negative, if you join them together in a room, they become like the national debt of the UK.

I've worked at numerous start-up companies in my time that have been sold on to mid-size companies (SMBs to us takeover savvy peeps). I've usually stayed around for a couple of years while the takeover hangover dissipates and then bolted. As far as mergers/acquisitions go, I see no problem with this one at all. There's "rationalization" and other trendy business-speak words going on, but it phases me not one jot. It's much harder merging 20 people into an organization of 200 than it is merging 500 into an organization of tens of thousands. You just need a bigger stick and more teflon.

I have long since decided that railing against the machine is a pointless and usually painful process. To be honest, the negativity of the people is worse than the negativity of the integration. Some have gone so far as to file law suits, presumably because the angle of a dot on their contracts is slightly different to the previous version. Having spent time in corporate America, I know how hard you can have the metaphorical stick rammed up your unmentionable so I am impervious to European businobabble (© Kenny) and find it very odd that British people seem to think that England owes them a living.

Ho-hum. The downward spiral continues to spiral in a Southerly direction. I continue to keep my head in the clouds. Which makes doing the crossword just a tad tricky...wet paper and limited vision.

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Stan said...

4 jobs last year - and I'm going to leave this one in 2 weeks. So my issues will be sorted, to be replaced with issues beyond my wildest dreams (probably).

Don't really want to get into the particular ins-and-outs of the merger currently eating Kenny (mostly because I suspect it's of limited interest to anyone but ourselves)

In the recent past I have fled more than one company going through mergers. The environment is rarely pleasant and in all cases, people who stayed longer took a battering. What sucked most for me was the loss of control and the way that priorities could flip overnight.