Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Drop the Dead Doggie

Celebrity Cornish chef Rick Stein's beloved dog has died, aged 17.
As someone who pays money to fund the BBC, I'm incensed that someone wasted time reporting on this. "Rick Stein dead" would have been news. Poor dog, but aren't there one or too other things going on in the world at the moment ?

Looks like we can't rely on the BBC not to dumb-down the news. "Old dog dies of natural causes" shouldn't make a parish magazine, never mind a major international news organisation.


Flitcraft said...

This was in the Cornwall local news section - it was probably the most exciting thing that happened there for that entire newsday. Just be grateful they haven't started running celebrity sheep obituaries.

Stan said...

Now explain
Duck survives two days in fridge

Flitcraft said...

Duck survives 2 days in fridge? How can that not be totally cool!

Stan said...

Now this !

Now, when MPs are wasting their time on dead doggies, we definitely have an issue.

flitcraft said...

'Tory MP from Croydon Central' - that's comedy gold. You couldn't make that up! I suppose you wont like the Peruvian Punk dogs then