Saturday, January 06, 2007


Sometimes my commitment to Freedom of Expression is sorely tested - usually when it's something that could hurt my little Stan-etta.

There are people who believe that anorexia is a valid alternative lifestyle-choice rather than an illness. These people use the Internet to meet and chat. According to naive Freedom of Expression, I'm morally obliged to be prepared to die to defend their right to express their misguided opinion.

Would it be right for happy teenage alcoholics to be allowed to swap details of how to get smashed, stay smashed and not throw-up on the teacher ?

It's difficult to decide how you stop the dangerous stuff while preserving the right for good people to say what's on their minds...

... but I'm willing to try

Holocaust Deniers ? Dangerous rubbish - block it.
Creationism ? Mostly harmless nonsense - go on then.
Elvis kidnapped by aliens ? Totally true - should be more widely known.

I think the only sensible solution is for me to become Benign Dictator of the Universe. You can trust me to keep our children safe while allowing adults free debate.

Vote Stan.

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