Saturday, January 05, 2008

Stan's Email Project

I was wondering to myself what would happen if the password to one of my email accounts ever became public knowledge. How could people use that information ?

Only one way to find out :

I have set up a Yahoo account "" with a password of "stockholm".

Use it any way you want - send an email you've always wanted to, but never dared to. Use it to sign up with a website. Or just see what someone else is using it for.

Of course, don't use it to threaten any world leaders or obtain goods through fraudulent means. And don't delete anything.

I'll report back in a month.

UPDATE 6th Jan 2008

Only 24 hours after creating and posting this email address on this blog (and nowhere else), I already have won the Irish Lottery and have two separate banks in West Africa working to remit a shedload of money to me. What a goldmine !

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