Thursday, January 24, 2008

Google News

If you look down the right column of this blog you will see the link called "View My Stats". A couple of extra clicks will take you to some of the basic details as to who is visiting and how in the heck they managed to find my unfashionable corner of CyberSpace.

Stealing the idea pretty well completely from Arctic Fox, here are some examples of how some of the last 100 visitors to this blog came to be here :-

(1) A Google User - Search String = "iain diack"
I'm glad Radio Free Stan is now recognised as a reference source for those looking for information on obscure (but heroic) Scottish footballers

(2) Another Google User - Search String = "wibbly wobbly timey wimey"
A reference to the Doctor Who "Blink" episode which I raved about blooming ages ago - still gets me more hits than nearly anything else. I blame repeats on Digital TV.

(3) Yet Another Google User - Search String = "she is ... than the ... among which she"
Someone still trying to solve an Araucaria "Mona Lisa" crossword from last month. The phrase you are looking for is : "She is older than the rocks among which she sits". And using Google to solve crosswords is cheating - tut tut.

(4) Oh no, not another Google User - Search String = "english poetry dead"
You would hope not.

(5) Here comes another Google User - Search String = "definition of a stan in hip hop culture"
I can only think they are wondering why the Eminem track "Stan" is so-called. Think it's just a name, homeboy.

(6) Last of the Google Users - Search String = "erotic radio for man"
Remember that posting I did that used as many dodgy words as I could think of for no good reason to see if I could bump up my number of visitors ? It worked.

Really not sure how you could do Erotic Radio, and even less idea how to make it appeal to the people on the Isle of Man. Why am I reminded me of the Scissor Sisters track "T*ts on the Radio" ?

So, in conclusion - everyone seems to use Google to the exclusion of all other search engines, and hardly anyone who finds their way here ever find what they are looking for.


Kenny said...

I probably shouldn't say this. But I will.

We have users who use our search bar to find google.

And I swear that is true.

7:13 PM

Stan said...

Reminds me of the bit in the "IT Crowd" --

"If you type google into google you can break the internet"

Stan said...

And if you type "If you type google into google you can break the internet" into Google, then you can break the Internet