Monday, January 07, 2008

Clarkson; You Pillock

I'm looking for an emoticon like ;-) which conveys the idea that you are pointing at someone and laughing.

I need this to concisely describe my joy that Jeremy Clarkson got his come-uppance.

He gave his full bank details in his newspaper column to demonstrate that there was no possible danger from the recent Data Protection incidents.

For a guy who's got his date of birth on wikipedia and never mind his mother's maiden name - we know more than we need to know about his family from his appearance on the BBC show "Who Do you Think You Are"

Whoops ! Someone set up a Direct Debit on his account to Diabetes UK and he's £500 poorer, but a lot wiser (you would hope). Diabetes UK are £500 to the good, so it's win-win.

Too cynical to suggest that he set it all up to get a shed-load of publicity for an investment of only £500?

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Kenny said...

I nearly reamed him for that one too. So great how all these great "intellectuals" have such a wide mastery of common sense isn't it?

He's lucky it wasn't me...I'd be blogging this from the Bahamas.