Saturday, January 19, 2008

Iain Diack : Man of the Day

Today, I watched the football scores on the Sky Sports News Channel from an exercise bike with an integrated TV screen.

There is no part of that last sentence that our grandparents would have understood, least of all why someone would want to spend their leisure time that way.

Peterhead were beating Berwick Rangers 8-1. I had watched the score pile up and wondered if Peterhead could make it into double-figures. Then it became 8-2 and I gave out a whoop that got me stared at by all the people in the gym who weren't listening to mp3 players (not many in other words).

I had in mind a rain-soaked, muddy pitch with the wind blowing cruelly off the sea. I imagined a few dozen fans (590 officially) huddled together for warmth - one or two of whom had made the trip up from Berwick to see their team get humped. I imagined the Berwick goalie - worn-out from picking the ball out the back of the net.

And yet someone in the Berwick team had been able to summon the motivation to turn a seven-goal losing margin into a six-goal losing margin. Good man !

The hero concerned is Iain Diack who I would like to nominate for a Knighthood - for his services to Hope. Despite being only 26 he has played for Stenhousemuir, Albion Rovers, East Stirling, Morton and Arbroath.

The final score was 9-2.

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