Monday, January 28, 2008

In Which Stan's Head Explodes

The bits of Africa that aren't being blown-up are dying of hunger and preventable disease.

There are people in this country that are living on the streets and children are suffering. Meanwhile billions are being won and lost in the Devil's Casino that is the Stock Market.

Take your choice of ecological crisis. We're all doomed.

But the Daily Mail newspaper is on the case. They have started a petition to stop the plan to mint a new 50p piece that doesn't have the representation of Britannia on it.

Get a grip, you simpleminded, rabble-rousing flag-wavers. Remove your head from your fundament, find an issue that actually matters and then maybe people would think about signing one of your sleazy petitions, if they could bear to pick up your execrable rag without vomiting.
Phew! Feel better for that.


Kenny said...

I could not agree more on the sentiment.

And who on earth spends good money on the Daily Mail? I still have never understood what demographic it is aimed at. It can't be jingoistic young thugs as it occasionally does contain words of more than three syllables. Older people who have these nationalist tendencies are obviously "without" so would probably find it confusing. Who is left to read it? I may have to look at its circulation figures.

Kenny said...

Eek. The Daily Mail has an average circulation of 2.3m per day. Quelle domage.

The Telegraph comes in at 800,000 a day.