Monday, July 30, 2007

Meme Too - Eight Random Facts about Stan

Thanks Cru for "tagging" me - I couldn't think of anything to blog about anyway, so let's do the random facts meme you've challenged me with.

As I understand it, the idea is to give 8 "random" (oh, I hate the inaccurate use of that word) facts about myself, and to tag 8 other bloggers to do the same.

Try these :

(1) I can juggle and play the trombone. But not both at once.

(2) My degree was in Pure Mathematics - I was a big fan of Abstract Algebras and did a paper on the life and works of √Čvariste Galois.

(3) I speak a bunch of languages, but my accent is terrible in all of them. I cannot roll my "ars" (sic). A whole cake shop full of French people recently laughed their butts off at my attempt at saying "tarte au poire".

(4) My sense of direction and my handwriting are woeful. Thank heavens someone invented Satellite Navigation and Word Processing.

(5) I proposed to Mrs Stan 3 days after we first went out. We met at John Brown Engineering in Clydebank, which is about the last place you'd expect to find romance. On our first date we went to see the Bolshoi Opera in Glasgow. The next day my head was so mixed up with unfamiliar intense feelings that I had to go home sick.

(6) I'm a Certified Accountant and an Oracle Certified Database Administrator. I won an award for the best use of Data Warehouse technology in the World in 2005. Mrs Stan and I had to go to Disneyworld in Orlando to collect it. Stanetta had to stay at home. One day, she may forgive us.

(7) Recently, I was rapidly losing weight after realising that 100kg is a suitable weight for nearly two people my height. However in the last few weeks, it seems I've done something to my vertebrae and haven't been able to exercise. I wish I could avoid cakes with the same skill I've recently applied to avoiding scales. I wish I enjoyed swimming as much as I enjoy running (but I don't).

(8) My favourite snack is a crisps on white bread sandwich with salad cream. Mrs Stan would rather I ate baked sweet-potato wedges on granary with low-fat mayo, but it really isn't the same.

I really don't keep up with that many blogs, so I'm afraid I can't pass this onto 8 other bloggers, but I'd be genuinely interested to see Stanetta, Kenny and Arctic Fox's attempts.

Kenny : see if you can tag Bryony Gordon - I think it would be a hoot if we are the two-degrees-of-separation between Cruella and Bryony !

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Kenny said...

My money is on the fact that Cruella and Bryony have had beers together and that there's no degrees of separation. Put you a tenner on it. :)