Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Master

Mrs Stan and I went down to London for a few days. Not difficult to decide what Show we were going to see - John Simm in "Elling".

After producing the two best performances on TV this year (Sam Tyler in "Life on Mars" and The Master in "Doctor Who"), I couldn't resist seeing him attempt a mad Norwegian mummy's-boy on the stage.

I was certainly not disappointed - a totally believable portrayal - an extraordinary physical performance. The scale of his achievement was not fully apparent until he came back for the ovation. Although he had not changed costume or removed makeup, he was totally transformed from the awkward misfit he had been for the previous two hours. He seemed at least a foot taller and 100 IQ points smarter. Quite some trick.

I'm between jobs at the moment, and I've been gloriously wasting my time watching DVD box-sets - expect my reviews of "Huff" and "Deadwood" sometime soon. Especially "Deadwood" - quite teh most immersive experience I've had for a while.


Kenny said...

I have some photos of Deadwood in the flesh if you want to see them. We took the kids there in 2003 -- fascinating place. In fact I'll have a rummage around on my other site and email you the URL.

sian said...

I can't believe you didn't mention his role in The Lakes; even more riveting than the two you mentioned.

Stan said...

Thanks Sian - I didn't mention "The Lakes" because I haven't seen it yet. I do see that Amazon have series 1 and 2 boxsets for £16 - hopefully my unemployment will last long enough for me to catch up.

But after Deadwood Season 2 - I need another fix o' cussin', spittin', shootin', whorin' 'n' lots of other things requiring apostrophes.

Cruella said...

Next time you come down let me know and I'll guest list you guys for one of mine & Mr Cru's shows.