Monday, July 09, 2007

Blogger made good

Congratulations to blogger Guido Fawkes for getting into The Guardian's "Media Top 100" list at number 81. Doesn't sound like much until you consider Chris Evan is at 82 and Andrew Neil is at 85.

Despite being rather to the right of er.. everyone, he has a wonderful way with words and the same kind of sources that makes The Drudge Report/ such a formidable player in American politics. Pity he's wasting so much effort trying to get the funny, clever but terminally dishonest and inept Boris Johnson to run for London mayor. I do hope Boris realises how unlikely his election would be and save his energy for his TV and Newspaper careers.

Fawkes has his critics, but as far as I can tell they accuse him of being opinionated and publicity-hungry. You'd have to lock up everyone with a account if these ever became crimes.

Stan predicts Guido to be in the top 50 next year - and at least one other blogger to join him.

For the record I have no ambitions in that direction myself. I blog as occupational therapy - I would weave baskets, but I am allergic to raffia.


ArcticFox said...

All publicity is good publicity they say!!

I'd never even heard of the guy until I read your blog.... so what does that make you???


I like political blogging, but, similarly to you..... I am only blogging for my own selfish cathartic experience. Sure it's nice if someone visits and leaves a pawprint, or you find that your words have meant something to someone....... irrespective..... I'll be there tomorrow and the day after.... etc ad infinitum.

Thanks for being HERE!!


Stan said...

It was my friend Flit who tipped me off about Guido (damned annoying not to be able to link to her - she's shy about leaving a mark in cyberspace).