Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lowering the tone a little

After Stan's altercation with religious gubbins, I'm not sure whether I'm lowering the tone or raising by bringing up the subject of our little war on Islam terror.

A few days ago, I was chatting with a few colleagues about what would happen if this man had gone undetected and achieved the unimaginable. Had he managed to puncture the tube line under the Thames, all hell would have been let loose. We rather (too) casually asked the question, how you would fix a problem like that and, even more casually, answered that it certainly couldn't be done with polyfilla/spackle and a bit of duct tape.

It came as quite a shock then, when as I sat down to watch the best British drama there is at the moment, [spooks], and the premise of the plot was that a bunch of environmental despots had rigged explosives under the Thames barrier (just before the highest tide for 7 years), that which keeps London from not being afloat or sunk (whichever way you care to look at it). Their demands were that the government should make public a document called Aftermath, essentially a manifesto for exploiting climate change, war and thus profiteering from what they regarded as the inevitable. Anyway, I digress.

[spooks] is fairly well researched from a military intelligence point of view and the repercussions of the Thames barrier being breached in such a fashion are immense. The figure used in the show was 1.5 million people being at risk from drowning. Even if we take that figure as being an order of magnitude too large, the numbers are daunting.

If Mr Barot (not to be confused with Borat) had succeeded with his little enterprise, we could have been looking at even more mass devastation than 9/11.

It is a popular misconception within the Moonbat community that if we stop taunting these poor oppressed mullahs (sic), they will leave us alone. Wrong. As long as Israel continues its illegal actions, we will be targetted as allies. In a week where the UK has actually started to take more of a lead in the war on terror (while DC dries its eyes after dear, dear Donny's departure and a pumelling second to none in the mid-terms), we have also started jabbing at the ribs of Israel for the desecration (by tank) of British graves. A small step in applying a ruler to the palm of Israel, maybe, but a necessary one. Israel has a right to defend itself, but as I predicted, the UN resolution that stipulates that, whilst calling for a complete Hamas ceasfire, is open to abuse; and indeed it is being abused. Pre-emptive strikes could be construed as subverting an attack. All very one sided methinks.

The upshot of all of this is that Moonbats will continue to wail and moan that we should stop the war on terror. The fact is that we cannot. The quite literally diabolical ideas that these fanatics have cannot be underestimated. Each one seems more insiduous than the last and I have to wonder what else they have conceived because, quite frankly, apart from hiring a Vogon ship to come and zap the whole place into oblivion, I cannot imagine what else they can come up. And I probably don't want to.

Here endeth (prematurely due to a phone call interruption) the Torygraph reader's little worry.

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